3 Best FREE VPN on Android in India for 2021

3 Best FREE VPN on Android in India for 2021

Everyone Has an android smartphone today and doesn’t want to share their personal information with others but on the internet, some websites track your data and may sell it to other companies.

So, every user must hide their privacy on the internet by using a Virtual Private Network or VPN, Basically, VPN relocate your server to another country with this you can access other countries websites without limitations and you can unblock any website which is blocked in your region.

Well, VPN services are mostly paid and every VPN android apps also paid, and if some are free which can sell your information to other companies to track you.

On DozzBit I came with 3 Best FREE VPN on Android in India for 2021 by which you can unblock any website and all VPN are safe and Free to use.

1. Thunder VPN

Thunder VPN is an Absolutely Free VPN service in India, Thunder VPN Developed by Signal Labs, A app is very lightweight and unblocks almost all blocked Websites in India like Netflix Us, and many others.

The UI is very Simple you can easily select a Server Location and you connect and disconnect VPN with just a single Button.

Thunder VPN also has premium Plans to use their Premium Servers for Faster Speed but believe me Free Version is very good there are no bandwidth limitations you can use this for a lifetime, there are 5-6 Severs which give decent fast speed.

• High-Speed Bandwidth
• Variety of High-Speed Servers like Germany, France, UK, and the even US
• No additional permission required
• Well managed UI
• No Login required
• Unlimited Time limit and Usage Limit
• Works Good with WiFi, 3G, 4G, and Data other data Carriers
• Secure and managed data

2. Quick VPN

One of the Blazing fast and free VPN in India is the Quick VPN Developed by Lipisoft.

Quick VPN is absolutely free There is no premium membership option, Upto 12 Server location, you can choose like India, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Ireland, France, Canada, US, Germany, and Japan.

Quick VPN is one of the favorite Free VPNs in India, this app has very few numbers of ads and the UI is very simple that doesn’t have a simple Animations lag you just simply select the server and click on go in seconds you get connected.
With the app, you can unblock any website which is blocked by country governments.

Quick VPN Doesn’t monitor your data and doesn’t save it on their servers.
Well, the Quick VPN is very popular among Some Pubg Mobile users Due to Ban in India with this You get Singapore Server which gives less Ping in Pubg Mobile.

• Absolutely Unlimited and Easy to Use
• Connect up to 12 Server of different locations
• Minimal UI with very Less irritating Ads
• Doesn’t Monitor Data and Also saves data on mobile
• Support Almost all networks 5G, LTE, 3G, and WiFi.
• Blazing Fast and No Login Required
• Light Weight Size only 3MB

3. Nord VPN

Nord VPN is World’s No 1 VPN on android as they said, Nord VPN is Developed by NordVPN Apps to secure your internet.

This VPN app is for those users who have sensitive information on their devices and doesn’t want to share it with others in that manner Nord VPN come which a very Secure and fast VPN.

You can Hide Your IP address by which anyone can’t trace your exact location and also protect yourself from Cyber Threats by which you can surf the internet far safer.

You can select an individual app to run with VPN Encryption and also a custom DNS and also work with Private DNS.

Nord VPN is not Purely free you’ll get the first seven days for free perusers after this timeline you need to purchase but here’s a simple trick you can apply to use Nord VPN for a lifetime.

You need to create another account after seven days after cleaning app data, you get a different temporary email address on the internet for free.

• Provide Very Powerful encryption among all VPN apps
• 5000+ Server worldwide for Faster and safest internet
• An new features called Double VPN for more Privacy
• Hide every type of IP address from the internet
• Unblock all Website and works Great in India
• Minimal and Fast UI
• Unlimited Bandwidth and usage data


So, you can try these 3 Best FREE VPN on Android in India for 2021, by VPNs you can unblock all Websites which is blocked in India and also play PUBG MOBILE Global in India with less Ping, the first two VPN I also use every day or you can buy a Nord VPN or you can apply my trick to get NordVPN for free well that’s all for this time I hope you like it if you have any questions let me know in the comment section.

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