4 Awesome Photo Editing Apps on Android

4 Awesome Photo Editing Apps on Android

Android has many features and competing with Windows head to head, Everyone needs a photo editor on their android device to enhance picture quality Without any desktop PC.

Photo editing is a very difficult task on windows but various apps are available for android by this photo editing became very easy for a General user.

So here on DozzBit, I came with 4 Awesome Photo Editing Apps on Android which can improve your photo editing to the next level.

1. PicsArt

I’m sure you already Heard about PicsArt Photo Editor, PicsArt is one of the most famous and advanced photo editor for android and iOS.

With PicsArt Photo Editor you can easily edit your pictures without the proper knowledge of Photoshop, the PicsArt app provides a very easy and Minimal interface that is very easily understandable by anyone.

PicsArt provides all Features for editing photos like Filters, Text, Shapes, Overlays, Effects and Etc

2. Photoshop Touch

Photoshop is a very famous photo editor on windows and have Great ability to turn any pictures to great looking.

On Android, an app called Photoshop Touch Provides Great Features just like Windows one and also has an advanced layout just like Photoshop.

You’ll get almost all advance option on this app like Crop, Effects, Blur, Remove background, Text, and Etc

Well, this Awesome Photoshop Touch app is not available on Playstore I don’t know why, the app is developed by Adobe.

3. Inshot Photo Editor

A new photo editor on the list is Inshot Photo Editor, this app is Recently Launched and became very popular among Instagram users due to its very simple and fast photo editing tools.

Inshot Photo Editor is basic photo editor works with artificial intelligence to improve your photos automatically.

Inshot Photo Editor provides various features like Body retouch, glitch effects, 50+ Filters, picture blender, and Many others.

4. Snapseed

If you are a Youtuber or blogger then you must need a simple and fast photo editor to edit thumbnail images and article images.
Snapseed one of the best photo editors for both Android and iOS, the best of the app is, it is Developed by Google itself.

If you want a Professional-grade photo editor which can edit in a short time without the knowledge of Photoshop or any extra hard things then you must go for snapseed.
Snapseed is absolutely free and the User Interface is minimal and anyone can edit images easily.

Some Features of Snapseed photo editor are, Snapseed Let’s you edit any type of image formats,
Enhance image quality to Very high,
Color Grading with simple Sliders and
Have Other 29 Different tools like Text Editor, Image tuning, Lens Blur, Crop, Face Enhance, and Many others.


Well, These are 4 Awesome Photo Editing Apps on Android for 2021 you can use to enhance your Photo Editing some apps are new and some are old hope you like it if have any questions related to this then let me know down below.

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