5 Best Android Apps for Video Editing in 2021

5 Best Android Apps for Video Editing in 2021

Smartphones getting smarter and powerful day to day, Smartphone camera is also getting better day to day so, we don’t need DSLRs for some General work because the Smartphone camera is enough for that.

So, Recording a high-quality video also need better video editing software on android, many Video Editor is available on windows like Final Cut Pro X, Camtasia, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and many others.

On a Play store Millions of apps available for every possible work on android and thousands of video Editors but which one is simple and provides the best Features. Android Editors can’t compete with Windows video Editors, if you can’t afford high-end PCs or you only want to edit your videos on a Smartphone then you came to the right place.

On DozzBit we came with 5 Best Android Apps for Video Editing in 2021

1. Filmora Go

Image Credits – Filmora Go

Filmora Go is a Full-Featured Android video editor Developed by wondershere, Filmora video editor is very famous due to its simple drag and drop Features on android as well as on windows also.

If you want to do simple video Editing or basic level editing then should try filmora go.

Filmora go Provides many powerful tools which you can use to apply effects, color grades luts, shapes, text, and many other things also


• Different Color Filters
• Realtime Video Preview
• Variety of Aspect Ratios
• Many Text Styles with a variety of fonts
• Simple Darg and Drop Elements
• Export Video to High quality
• Extract Audio from a Video
• Add, Cut, Trim, and Merge Videos
• Variety of Video Filters

2. Kinemaster

One of the Most Popular Video Editor on android is kinemaster, if you want to edit your videos at the next level or editing windows like then this video editor is for you.

Kinemaster is a very Powerful Video Editor for Android and iOS. Kinemaster provides a wide range of features to create a great video on smartphones.

This Video Editor is very famous on Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram Reels, and Other social platforms too.
You can easily create an aspect ratio video with kinemaster.

The Kinemaster is difficult as compare to other android video Editors because it gives too many features same as Windows video Editors.

The timeline of kinemaster video editor has many Portion which exactly looks like Windows video Editors, you can easily drag and drop your video files and any other media.

The best part of the Kinemaster is multi Video Layers by which you can create a video using two or three videos at the same timeline.

Kinemaster also Provide Online Effect Store from which you can download many different and new effects, callouts, Titles Design, lower thirds, copyright-free sounds, and many other things.


• Create Projects for Videos
• Different Titles, Callouts, and Lower thirds styles for YouTube videos
• Realtime Audio Recording
• Multi-Layered Video’s Feature
• Advance Timeline User Interface
• Edit, add, and extract the audio of the video
• Directly Export to Social media
• Export Videos to 4K
• Online Effects Store
• Different overlays
• Chroma key ( Green Screen Effect )
• Different Transition Effects
• Video Speed and Ratio Controls
• Frame by Frame video trimming

And many others Features come with kinemaster.

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3. Power Director

Power director is also a powerful video editor for Android, this video editor comes with almost the same user interface as kinemaster.

This video editor also has a Classic timeline which gives you a real-time Preview for your edited videos like what you edited.

Power director free version comes with a watermark on a video you exported you can easily remove this watermark by buying their premium version which also gives you some extra benefits.

Power Director has its own Online Effects Store same as kinemaster which provides prebuilt templates, text styles, color grades (LUTS), and many other effects also.


• Support Video Stabilizer
• Chroma Key ( Green Screen Effect )
• Integrated Voice Changer
• Online Effects Store
• Minimal Texts, Title, intro, outro, and Lower thirds
• Different Filters for Videos
• Support Variety of video formats
• Render Video in 4K Resolution
• Double exposure effect and Video Blending
• Directly Export and upload new edited videos to YouTube and Facebook

4. Quik

Image Credits – quik

Quik is not a professional video editor in which you can’t create and edit Video in a timeline.

Quik Video Editor is Developed by GoPro Action Camera company to edit a wide range of video’s

In Quik video editor you can create text on images videos, Just add your images and text, and this video editor automatically analyzes and Create an extraordinary video with the help of artificial intelligence.

You can manually select background music for your videos and you can also select Themes which suit your videos, With Quik video editor you can do crop, trim, and speed adjustment.

Like other video editors the best thing about Quik video editor it does not place a watermark on exported videos, you can create videos absolutely free.


• Export Upto 1080p 60FPS
• Choose between 24 Presets
• Create Video in a short time period
• Add text and audio on images
• Create image slideshow with background music

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5. Video Show

Image Credits – Video Show

In our 5 Best Android Apps for Video Editing in 2021 Video Show is last but not the least.

Video Show is another powerful video editor that can create Awesome looking videos in a very short time even you can create with basic knowledge of video editing with the Video Show Editor.

If we Compare Video Show with other Video Editing apps this one is lightweight, easy to use, and no need for video editing knowledge.

VideoShow only provides essential features doesn’t come with extra bloatware that consumes extra battery.


• Run Smoothly on low-end devices
• Create videos in Less Time
• No Watermark and free
• Trim, add, cut, adjust video speed in real-time
• User Friendly
• Variety of Sound, text effects, animation, and color filters


So, these are the 5 Best Android Apps for Video Editing, you can also try these video Editors on iOS also, now just create extraordinary content and upload on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook with these 5 Best Android Apps for Video Editing in 2021.

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