5 Best Games like Pubg Mobile for Android/iOS (2021)

5 Best Games like Pubg Mobile for Android/iOS (2021)

Mobile gamer in India loves the Pubg Mobile, This game is very popular among Android users and mainly for Indian Gamers.
After the ban of Pubg Mobile in India by MEITY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India), Many mobile gamers sad after getting pubg ban news because many streamers depend on these games for their channel.

Now, the question is there any game like Pubg Mobile, the game whose gameplay based on Battle Royal style like Pubg.
Many games are available for android and iOS which resembles pubg Mobile Game style but not the exact one.
So, here we came with 5 Best Games like Pubg Mobile for Android/iOS (2021) you can play next year.

1. Garena Free Fire

Free Fire is an online Multiplayer Battle Royal game same as Pubg Mobile, Free Fire is more popular than pubg mobile all over the world.
Well, you don’t need the introduction about the free Fire because there is a rivalry between pubg players and free Fire players.
Free Fire is Developed by Gerena Games which Singapore based company and you can play this game without any issue even in Low-end devices due to its less Size than Pubg Mobile.
The Game Physics, Guns, and Animations approximately same as Pubg Mobile Like in Classic Mode 100 Player Lobby sit in a plane.
Many game characters are available more than Pubg mobile like DJ Alok which is very famous among Indian users.

2. Fortnight Mobile

Fortnight is also an online multiplayer Battle Royal Game same as Pubg Mobile.
Fortnight is Developed by epic games and Available for both Android and iOS users.
Fortnight gameplay is the same as the PC version almost, this game runs on very high graphics which can be played smoothly on high-end devices.
Fortnight famous PC player Ninja became a very famous gamer in a short time.
Fortnight game physics is the Same as the Fortnight PC version.

3. Call of Duty – Mobile

Call of Duty is a very popular franchise on PCs but last year Call of Duty launched for Mobile also.
Call of Duty – Mobile is Developed and Published by Activision, COD Graphic is good and can compete with Pubg Mobile.
COD is also a battle royal like a game with a classic mode 100 man lobby but the best part of the call of duty game is its TDM or Evoground Mode.
TDM mode in call of duty is 5v5 type and the best part is you can play TDM custom rooms unlimited times without the need for a room card like Pubg Mobile.
So, if you like the TDM section of Pubg Mobile then you must play this game for one time.

4. Survivor Royale

As the name suggests Survival Royale is also a Battle Royale game same as Pubg Mobile.
You can say Survival Royal is a Copy game of Pubg Mobile you can play in 2021.

Survivor Royale game Physics is same as Pubg Mobile you can experience some aspects like Pubg Mobile but not the exact same after all this a copy game.

Survivor Royale is Developed by NetEase Studio and the game is absolutely free but Survivor Royale is only available for Android users and the game is not available on the play store due to some copy content I think.

You can download Survivor Royale from the link given below

5. ScarFall: The Royale Combat

ScarFall is Another game Online multiplayer Battle Royal game like Pubg Mobile, ScarFall is Developed by an Indian studio.
According to Some News Company ScarFall Comes as one of the best Made in India game, ScarFall Comes Under the Prime minister Narendra Modi AatmaNirbhar Campaign.
ScarFall Game provides Classic mode with Shrinking zone and Battle Royale style gameplay.
ScarFall also has 4v4 TDM mode same as Pubg Mobile so if you want quick fun then you can play this mode.
The Controls of the game are not so hard and the size of the game is also not so big easily playable on 2GB ram phones.

So, in case you don’t like all these games given ith list and you want Pubg mobile on your android device and you can play it without VPN then you must check out this post – How to Play PUBG MOBILE without VPN in India


Is there Any offline game in the list?
Yes, ScarFall is an Offline and Online game in a list.

When PUBG Mobile Indian version come?
After the unban news of Pubg mobile there a no confirm news about the exact release date only rumours are there.

Why Pubg Mobile Banned in India?
Well, this step is taken by MEITY because of some data policy issue with Chinese apps.

Is Free Fire is Better than Pubg Mobile?
Well, both game are very good but some users play PUBG mobile and some free Fire so, there is no exact answer.

Which Game is best alternative for PUBG MOBILE with good Graphics?
You can Play Call of Duty – Mobile and Fortnight Mobile on the place of Pubg Mobile.


So, if you are getting bored without pubg mobile then you must give a try to these 5 Best Games like Pubg Mobile for Android/iOS (2021).
You can download every game from the given links if you face any issues then let me know down below.

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