6 Must Have Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

6 Must Have Chrome Extensions for Bloggers
One of the best browser of all time the Google Chrome is Very Useful, Speedy, and Stable.
And the best part of Google Chrome is the Support of Extensions which can be used to add some extra valuable features.

So here we came with Must have Chrome extensions for Bloggers, Every Extension is very useful for the blogger in the list

1. VStat

VStat Chrome Extension
VStat: Offered by vstat.info

VStat is an incredible Chrome Extension for any website stats.
VStat is very Useful to know Daily and Monthly visitors of any site by just a click on a VStat logo
VStat generally combines the data from ISP routers and other sources.
VStat free version only show data for that website which More than 500,000 visitors per month
Sometimes it can be 30% inaccurate but something is better than nothing, you can also use a Similar Web Chrome extension for the same work.

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2. Email Hunter

Hunter Emails Extension
Hunter: Offered by hunter.io

A magic Extension for Google Chrome, Email Hunter finds every email of the websites you visited.
Basically, Hunter Chrome Extension Extract all email addresses of the website you visit by simply clicking on the hunter Extension icon on the right side of the chrome.
Hunter Chrome Extension gives 50 free Searches Per Month and if you want more than you can purchase the pro version of hunter Extension.
If you are looking for a big list of e-mails for free for email marketing then you must use this Extension.
Every blogger must use the hunter Chrome Extension for their content promotion by email.

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3. Grammarly

Grramarly Chrome
Grammarly: Offered by grammarly.com

One of the best Chrome extensions of all time for bloggers the Grammarly.
Grammarly is very Useful for article writers to correct their grammar mistakes in just a Click.
Personally, I use Grammarly every time when I write a blog post to correct its grammar in a click.
You can easily install Grammarly with just one click and just forget it, every time you write something and anything is wrong in the written paragraph then you can easily correct it.
Grammarly Gives suggestions for incorrect words and also provide missing words in the sentence.

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4. Mozbar

MozBar: Offered by moz.com

Mozbar is a great chrome extension from moz.com
Basically, You can use MozBar for Knowing the Domain Authority and Page Authority of any website you want.
For Best Search Engine Optimization for your website, you must know about your competitor websites to rank higher on google search.
MozBar also works for Google searches of every website available on the search list with the simple column.
If you spend more time in SEO then this Chrome Extension saves a little bit of time every time.

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5. Buffer

Buffer Chrome Extension
Buffer: Offered by buffer.com

Buffer is that chrome extension you have already heard about.
Buffer chrome extension is a free management tool for your social media.
Buffer chrome extension makes it really easy to share posts across your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram media profiles and saves a ton of time.
Buffer chrome extension allows you to schedule your social media posts and getting posted automatically as you want in just a click.
Buffer is absolutely free Chrome Extension and I think you must use from right now.

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6. Stay Focused

Stay Focused Chrome Extension
StayFocused: Offered by blocksite.co

If you can’t focus on blogging or any other important work and you are not consistent on that work then you must use this Chrome Extension to stay Focused every time.
If you spend your precious time on websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc without any means then you can add these websites in the Stay Focused Chrome extension.
Basically, stay focused prevent you from browsing these websites and blocks them for you for the next day.
So, now you can easily focus on your work like blogging or any other right work.
Stay focused must be used for that person who is Social media Addict and can’t focus on their own work.

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All Extensions are free to Use?
Yes, all chrome extensions are free to use but for extra features, you can buy their premium versions.

Can I use these Extensions on Android?
No, Extension support is there for android but this one is only for chrome.

How can I uninstall these Chrome Extensions?
You can uninstall Any installed Extention from the Extension tabs very easily.


I hope your time will save after you use these Chrome Extensions, if you are a blogger then you must use these Extensions.
Well, there is million of Extensions for different work as your need.
So, these are the 6 Must Have Chrome Extensions for Bloggers.

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