8 Best Android Apps for Bloggers in 2021

8 Best Android Apps for Bloggers in 2021

Finding The best android apps for bloggers, means you are a blogger then you came to the right place, here we came with Best Android Apps for Bloggers to boost your blogging carrier.

Every person has an android or iOS Smartphone but not a Laptop or PC, so for your blogging your Smartphone is enough.
Many applications launch every day on a Play Store and App Store as well but which app is going to help in blogging or made for Bloggers.

Now with these apps, you can Boost your Productivity anywhere with the help of only smartphone.
All apps presented on a list is for android and some for iOS also.

1. Snapseed

If you are a blogger then you must need a simple and fast photo editor to edit Featured images and article images.
Snapseed one of the best photo editors for both Android and iOS, the best of the app is, it is Developed by Google itself.

If you want a Professional-grade photo editor which can edit in a short time without the knowledge of Photoshop or any extra hard things then you must go for snapseed.
Snapseed is absolutely free and the User Interface is minimal and anyone can edit images easily.


  • Snapseed Let’s you edit any type of image formats
  • Enhance image quality to Very high
  • Color Grading with simple Sliders
  • Have Other 29 Different tools like Text Editor, Image tuning, Lens Blur, Crop, Face Enhance, and Many others.

2. Blogger

If You are Blogger and you want to create Your website on Blogger then you will need this blogger app every day.

Blogger is Google’s own platform to create websites for free, you can choose Custom domain on blogger to remove the Blogspot subdomain, blogger gives you free hosting, Free SSL Certificate and a free platform for your blog.
There no security issue for your blog because its upload on google’s own server by which your website is fast and can handle a high amount of traffic.

Blogger app is Developed by Google for bloggers to manage their blogs on the go anytime anywhere easily, the blogger is available for android and iOS and the app is absolutely free.


  • Create a new blog
  • Edit Existing blog
  • Manage Website
  • Check Website traffic
  • Add categories (labels) for a post
  • Add Images to the article from the gallery or capture directly from the camera
  • View Already Published Post

3. WordPress

WordPress is one of the best open source content management platform for new bloggers to create a website in a few minutes, if you are a Blogger and you already installed a WordPress on your website then you must need this WordPress application.

Like Blogger app for Blogspot, WordPress app is for a website that uses WordPress
With this WordPress app, you can manage your full website anywhere, you can easily edit your post or a new one.

WordPress application lets you control your website post and images on the go.

You can’t change or add themes and plugins in WordPress with this application.


  • Add, Edit, and manage Posts
  • Add Categories and tags
  • Manage and add Images in the media section
  • View posts in the application after the change
  • Add Alt tag to your images
  • Delete, approve, and Reply the Comments
  • Built-in Autosave Features for New posts
  • Minimal and simple UI, Mobile Friendly and Data friendly
  • Can be used in low connectivity connection

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4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google’s own Traffic Management tool for your website and you can use this for absolutely free of cost.
You can link your website to Google analytics, By this, you can track your Website visitors Insights more accurately.

For an Easy you can use Google Analytics Application now you can Track your Website’s real-time traffic, Performance of specific URLs, Traffic from which country, Which Url Gaining more traffic, How much times visitors stay on your website, and many other data also.


  • Gives Accurate Insight of Website Visitors
  • Realtime Traffic Data
  • Visitors Page Spend Time
  • Track Traffic Come from which country
  • Easy to Use UI

5. Grammarly

If Your Website is in English and you don’t have proper knowledge of grammar and you done silly grammar mistakes when you writing a new article for your website then Grammarly is for you.

Grammarly is a free application that lets you correct your grammar mistakes in real-time there a more popular Grammarly Chrome Extension you can use on your Windows PCs but here we Talk only about Best Android Apps for Bloggers.
Grammarly Application is a keyboard application that works in realtime when you write anything.


  • Realtime grammar mistakes, suggestions, and corrections
  • Easy to Use
  • Underline the errors
  • Check Grammar Mistakes, Spelling Mistakes, and vocabulary enhancement
  • Can be used on any Platform blogger or WordPress or any other applications.

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6. Buffer

Buffer is a tool to manage Social Media marketing which can increase sales and traffic.

Buffer is trusted by over 70,000 Brands and Many other small businesses
Buffer lets you manage your all Social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, at the same place you can handle all of these easily

There is Buffer Chrome Extension also available which work Great if you have a PC but this time we only Talk about the Buffer application
With the Buffer application, you can track the real-time performance of your already posted content on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and Twitter.

Buffer app also lets you schedule your post which you want to share on social media, basically buffer app saves you lots of time because you can manage or post on any social media with a single app you don’t need to go to every social media application and write every time the same time so I think if you are social media users and deal with social media marketing every day then You must use this buffer app


  • Manage Every Social media from a single app
  • Schedule your posts on websites
  • Track Real-time Performance on Every social media
  • Easy Minimal UI anyone can use
  • Free to Use

7. Quora

Quora is a Big Question Answer website on which you can ask a question or you can give an answer for available quarries.
With Quora Platform you can share and gain knowledge which is the best thing today, Quora is one of the most trusted websites for question-answer like wikiHow and Google question hub.

Over 100 Million Visitors come to Quora monthly, Quora is that platform by which you drive a high amount of traffic on your blog which increases your earnings and your website authority.

There a Quora Application to work on it very easily, the user interface is mostly the same as the website, create your account on Quora select your niche and give answers to people with this you can recommend People to come to your website.


  • Ask any type of question
  • Browse quality content
  • Gain Some precious knowledge
  • Add questions and give answers with an app
  • Easy to Use and Very Simple User Interface especially for beginners

8. Google Docs

Google docs is a Google Platform to create Documents directly from your android, tablet, and windows.
With the google docs application, you can create stylish documents texts with different heading and colors as you want

You can sync your Every Document to your Every connected device easily.


  • Create Stylish Documents Anytime and anywhere
  • Sync All documents to every connected device
  • Color, mask, and Highlight text
  • Free to use
  • Minimal UI


So, Blogger Must use these apps at least one time, we also use these apps for our website.
With the help of these apps, you can boost productivity and increase the traffic to your blog very easily.
Now more engage your traffic with your website with these 9 Best Android Apps for Bloggers in 2021.

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