How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Chrome on Android

How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Chrome on Android

Chrome is one of the most popular browsers and everyone use it on all Operating Systems like Windows, Android, and iOS

The dark mode is a Feature that we used every day, some apps by default enable dark mode and some are not.
Dark Mode helps you prevent harmful Blue light which helps less eye strain, also saves battery due to less number of active pixel, and my favorite using the phone in a blanket with dark mode.

Microsoft Edge and Firefox Web browsers already have the option to enable dark mode easily with a simple click but recently chrome also adds Feature “Force Dark Mode” of dark mode in their Flags option.

Steps to Enable Dark Mode in Google Chrome on Android

1. Open Your Chrome Browser
2. Then Go-to Settings in chrome

3. Look for the themes section it’s Already set on the System default option
4. If your chrome already has dark mode then leave it as it is and if not then click on dark Option

Steps to Enable Force Dark Mode For any Website.

1. Open Chrome Web browser on android
2. Click on the Address bar and type this


3. Then in Chrome Flags Search for Dark mode
4. You see an option called Force Dark Mode for Web Content by default its disabled
5. Click on the default button and you see an Enable option click on this.
6. Now every website shows in dark mode.


Well, this is a quick guide to enable Dark mode in google chrome on the android device I hope you like this how to guide if you then let me know down below thanks for giving time to read this have a nice day

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