How to Monitor FPS in Pubg Mobile and other Games

How to Monitor FPS in Pubg Mobile and other Games

Every Gamer face lags in a pubg Mobile and for this, you want to monitor your game FPS (Frames Per Second), by which you can easily Know when the FPS Drops, how much FPS your device supports, and consistency of FPS.

Well, Here on DozzBit we share two easy ways to Monitor FPS in Pubg Mobile and any other games, by this FPS data you can easily identify which Smartphone doing good in a game.

Here Two Method to Monitor FPS in Pubg Mobile and any Other Games.

1. For Stock Device

Many Smartphone Makers already included FPS Meter by Default, Realme 2.0, MIUI 12, and other Roms Have FPS meter in a Game Mode Panel.

If You Don’t Have an FPS meter by default then follow this guide for Stock Devices.

Note – You need a PC for Only Once to enable the FPS meter Service.

Mobile Part
• Open Playstore and Download an App called GameBench it’s Free so don’t worry
• Now you need to register on this GameBench App
• After Registration you need to verify your email address
• After verification open the app and this will ask for Usage Access permission click on allow
• At last you get a Link to download GameBench setup on your PC copy that link open it on your computer and Download it

Game Bench

Enable USB Debugging on Android
• Goto Settings and develop Options
• Find USB Debugging and enable it

Computer Part
• Now you Successfully installed GameBench Installer on your PC
• Login to your GameBench Account that you already created on a mobile
• Now you need to connect your device to a PC
• A Dialogue Box Appears in mobile Click Ok
• Then run GameBench Service Setup as Administrator
• Now a Message come GameBench Service started successfully on the device
• Disconnect Your Device and you’ve done the computer Part Successfully

GameBench Installer

Mobile Part
• Once Again open the GameBench Android app
• Click on the + icon shows on the screen
• Find and Select your game for the FPS meter and Click on the Play Button.

That’s all Now you can check FPS Counter on your left side of the mobile screen.

2. For Custom Devices

If you already installed a Custom ROM on your android device like Corvus OS or Evolution X you’ll get FPS Meter in the Status bar by default but if you don’t have one but have a Custom device then follow these steps.

Method 1

Use the Franco kernel Manager App

Note– you don’t need Franco kernel installed you can run on any kernel.

• Go to Playstore and Install Franco Kernel Manager app
• Open the app and give SuperSU permission
• Now Click on LIVE MONITOR Button
• Then go to PERFMON Section and enable PerfMon Floating windows this will ask some display Override Permission click ok and give permission
• Now you get FPS Bar On your screen, you can customize and hide other additional information like CPU and GPU usage.

Franco Kernel manager

Method 2

Use FDI.AI Pro FPS Meter

Note- Don’t use other options of this app these can harm your device

• Purchase or Download FDI.AI Pro App and Install it
• Open FDI.AI Pro and Give SuperSU permission
• Click on 2nd Option from the bottom icons tab
• Now Enable this FPS Meter Service
• Now you can monitor FPS on you custom android device

FDE.AI Pro app

Both Custom Methods won’t need a Window PC


Well, now you can monitor FPS in Pubg Mobile and any other games with these Stock and Custom methods hope you like this guide if you have any questions let me know in the comment section.
That’s all for How to Monitor FPS in Pubg Mobile and other Games

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