How to Setup Private DNS on Android for Faster Internet

How to Setup Private DNS on Android for Faster Internet

A Domain Name System or DNS can Increase your internet browsing speed up to 50% with a just simple setup on your android phones.

What is DNS?

Well, someone knows about DNS already, DNS is basically a translator which translates web address like to computer-friendly IP Address like IPv4 or even modern IPv6 by which servers or computers easily understand what you want in a short time.

How DNS works?

As I told you earlier DNS translates web addresses to IP address, DNS mainly increase your internet speed
So, how it works When someone Goes on a webpage then a translation goes on between what you type into the web browser address bar ( and the computer-friendly IP address locate the website or a specific page with the help of DNS.

What is Private DNS?

Basically Private DNS is also a type of DNS provided by some Company like Cloudflare or even google also provide DNS for free.
When you set up a private DNS on your device then your data first goto DNS provider Server then a website you want and this process will reverse when the website sends data to you then it will come from DNS Providers by which DNS Providers ensure that there no viruses or trojans and also increase your internet speed to next level, so you must use a private DNS on your android device for free to use internet faster and safer than before.

Cloudflare is the Fastest DNS provider in the world as reports say, you can also use Cloudflare to increase a website speed if you have one, only you need to do is pointing domain nameservers to Cloudflare nameservers which increases your own website speed, also use Cloudflare service for free.

Let’s Jump to our Main Topic How to Setup Private DNS on Android for Faster Internet

For Private DNS Setup, you don’t need any extra application so don’t worry.

After the Android 9 Pie update, you get an option to set up Private DNS in your settings.

Simple steps to setup Private DNS

• Go to Settings of your android device
• Open Network and Internet section

Private Dns setting 1

• Find Private DNS option is off by default
• Click on this Select Third option Private DNS after the automatic
• Now Put one address given Down below as you want.
private dns setting 2

• Click on save and you have done simply

Now you are using Private DNS on your android device for a Faster and safer internet for free.


Well, I think you get your answer to How to Setup Private DNS on Android for Faster Internet, you can share this trick with your friends and tell me if any issue occurs Down below in the comment box

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