PUBG MOBILE 1.1 – How to Fix Lag on Android

The lovers of PUBG MOBILE in India are in great numbers, every mobile gamer plays Pubg mobile and loves it.
Pubg Mobile is developed by Tencent Games and the game is already very popular among gamers.
The game is a Graphic Intensive game and uses a high amount of CPU, GPU, and battery as compare to other games.

Recently PUBG MOBILE 1.1 Update come in which the game size is reduced to 644MB and added extra in-game downloads.

On high-end devices like iPhones and Android flagship phones pubg mobile runs smoothly but the problems come when playing on low-end devices with 2/3 GB of ram and low-end CPU/GPU.

So, here we came to tell you PUBG MOBILE 1.1 – How to Fix Lag on Android in 2021 and run the game smoothly on high FPS

There are two types of a method for Stock and custom devices, check which were you are using and try the method to reduce lag in PUBG MOBILE.

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For Stock

1. Restart Your Device
Restarting the device end the unwanted task which running in the background

2. Unistall unused Apps
Before playing the game take a look at your android drawer and check which apps you are not using and uninstall it because in this way you clear the ram and increase free ram.

3. Stop Background Processes
Go to Settings and look for apps settings than running services and check which process is running and now stop the unwanted background runner from the list this will also help to free up your RAm

4. Enable Force 4X MSAA
Enabling the Force 4X MSAA option also improves the performance of the game by some GPU rendering Tweaks.
You can enable this option by going to developer options in settings

How to Enable Developer Settings
Go-to setting than About Phone and look for build Number and tap 7-8 times continuously this will automatically enable the Developer option because Developer option is disabled by default

5. Use The Tool
If you facing a lag issue till now then you must try this GFX Tool App to reduce the lag by 100%.

Steps to configure X Tool for Zero lag in PUBG Mobile

• Install the App from the given link above
• Now open the and follow the steps given below

– Go to the best settings option And search for your device Config, this will automatically be installed so don’t worry
– Now Select the Game Variant you are using Like Global, Korean or Chinese, etc
– Go to Basic Graphics and resolution to 1280×720 HD
– Copy the settings with the images given below

Now Run the game and see the difference and tell me in the comment section

For Custom Device

Use all previous steps

Customising your device is a risky process, so be careful when you doing all these steps

2. Use the X Tool
You can also use the GFX Tool on a device
Check the G Tool steps given above Section


These Methods can work on other pubg mobile versions?
Yes, these all methods are universal and you can choose Your Pubg Mobile version in GF Tool Settings

Using the GX Tool is Safe for Pubg Mobile-ID?
Well, no one knows the exact answer, I’m using GFX Tool for a very long time and I didn’t face any Ban issue till now.

Is there any problem with playing Pubg Mobile on Custom Device?
Yes, Your account can be ban for some time be sure to hide the PUBG mobile app from the app Hide.

When PUBG Mobile Indian version come?
Well, no one knows the exact release date in India some speculation already failed this Diwali so, just wait for good.


Now you can play PUBG mobile without any lag issue on any Stock/Custom android device, these methods of PUBG MOBILE 1.1 – How to Fix Lag on Android in 2021 100% works for you if anything goes wrong, tell me down below and thanks for giving time to read this.

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